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Who We Are

Shantidoot Surksha Bal, is also known as "SSB", is a part of Shantidoot Group Of Companies which it has been a board for 5 years. Providing dedications and excellence in its service. Our quality security services with highly trained staff enables us to provide our clients with the satisfaction and security they need. Commitment to Effective Management and Supervision: Shantidoot's Executive leadership recognizes the importance of and has unwavering commitment towards client servicing. An integral part of our innovative management practice is the emphasis on establishing open communication channels with clients, daily contact by our team, close follow-up, exchange of valuable information and knowledge gained from monthly management meetings. Customer Service: At Shantidoot we believe that for any organization its greatest assets are truly its clients, hence our commitment to customer service is as strong as it is to safeguarding and protecting our clients' assets. It reects in our 24/7 Customer Service Centre (CSC), and dedicated Client Relations Manager, a single point of contact, 24/7, for our clients, for day-to-day issues. Quality Assurance: We believe that “Quality” does not just happen; it is a result of sustained and intelligent hard work supported by a stringent system of checks and balances to ensure consistency. At Shantidoot, through our stringent and ongoing Quality Improvement Process we constantly renew our commitment to excellence. Our centralized system sets the most rigorous performance standards known in the security industry; monitoring and reinforcing our service quality. Adherence to company regulations and client requirements at all levels is ensured throughout:


To provide an optimum security servicethat protects and preserves properties, secure safety, promotes and values life and earnestly strives to continually improve performance.


To provide reliable, specific or customized security services to our client To provide experienced, qualified and professional staff of all levels and all times To provide service and performancebeyond the expectations of our clients


To become the best security service provider in INDIA and be recognized as highly professional, credible and dependable company. To encourage and promote an environment where business, families, friends and the general public live and work together in harmony with respect for each other and the rules of law and society.